FIC Training Ltd
Grangemouth Road
EH51 0PU

Tel No : 01324 278048

Cancellation Policy

We require a minimum of 4 weeks' notice to cancel any Course.
If a course is cancelled within 1 week of booking, then 50% of course fee will be Charged.
If a course is cancelled within 2 Days of booking, then Full Course Fee will be Charged.

Trainee substitution.
We can substitute trainees with 1 Week notice as trainee information will need to be processed.

Rescheduling a Course requires a minimum of 2 Weeks' notice a Transfer Fee may be required.
Rescheduling a Course with less than 2 Weeks' notice will require a Transfer Fee.

Rescheduling by FIC Training Ltd.
FIC Training requires a minimum of 4 Trainees per Course, this means that we may need to reschedule your course dates. If we are not able to reschedule a date convenient to you, we will refund your course booking fee. A Minimum of 2 Weeks' notice will be given before rescheduling.

Are there Parking Facilities.
Yes, Parking facilities are available at the front of the training centre. Cars and Valuables are left at Owners own risk. Parking facilities are covered by CCTV.