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Thank you for visiting the FIC Training website.

By visiting this site, you are already considering or looking to improve on your training needs for yourself or your workforce.

You have came to the “right” place. The personnel involved at and with FIC Training have in excess of over 150 years of trained unparalleled experience within the Industrial Protective Coatings Sectors that is unequalled by any other organisation.

Our knowledge and expertise covers all sectors including Highways & Rail infrastructure, Oil, Gas & Petrochemical, Offshore & Marine, MOD, Fabric Maintenance, Hydro-board pipelines & Dams, Renewable Energy & Wind Turbines to name a few.

Therefore adopting and delivering the outstanding Train the Painter training syllabuses was a natural progression for FIC Training.

The Train The Painter matrix that has been developed by Highly experienced industry professionals is what our industry has needed and FIC are extremely proud to offer deliverance of these associated training modules backed and supported by the key personnel of this superior industry training provider.

We at FIC Training understand the great importance and demands on the correct training for each and every individual.

FIC offers the very best in premises, equipment and hospitality to ensure every student receives Unbiased training to optimise their training 1st time every time.